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  Forex Broadcast

James Shelton offers fundamental and technical discussions of the Foreign Exchange market. Both futures and spot products are discussed. Volume, trends, and breakout preparation focused upon heavily.

James Shelton and have combined efforts to produce the most informative Forex squawk service currently available. This product is geared toward the educated Forex trader, providing zero delay commentary, news, and market relevant information as it develops throughout the trading day. Listen to our broadcaster provide you with the actual play by play activity of the Forex majors as it unfolds during the trading day. Hear the effect this has on prices and listen in to find out how the market is reacting to the activity. Our goal is to provide the most informative factual broadcast available. Allow us to be your eyes and ears in the forex markets. This service is unmatched by any other data feed currently available to traders.

James Shelton is a market veteran of leveraged transaction trading. James has experience trading in Futures, Options, and FOREX since 2006, first as a customer and then as a squawk broadcaster, he is self-taught and self-educated. Working in many facets of the business, he has authored several newsletters, served as a technical analyst and has earned a position as the Forex Squawk Broadcaster at

James Shelton and Tradersaudio are now providing squawk audio to allow anyone interested in Forex trading first hand knowledge of price activity and news developing in order to get a better understanding of what is driving the market and important levels to keep an eye on.

The Traders Audio Forex Broadcast analyzes pure price action, pattern development, relevant news, institutional positioning, and the natural time cycles that are necessary to understanding the auction market. James Shelton, the channel's broadcaster analyzes multiple commodity/financial futures, providing a better understanding of the global sentiment.

The broadcast avoids technical indicators and uses more finite and factual components, such as volatility and volume. The markets covered are discussed in the order: SP mini, crude oil, gold, 10 yr US Treasuries, EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD, AUD, CHF. For un-biased technical analysis, inter market correlation, and discussion of market theory tune in to Traders Audio Forex.

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